various bites

tried to apply ingo molnar’s exec shield patch to 2.4.22 vanilla sources but there were 3 (minor) rejects. i hope ingo is still maintaining his patch as i don’t want to miss it anymore (“put an end to your nightmares, get general buffer overflow protection for your server” ;).

reminds me that i actually should

* update some apps on this box
* eventually migrate all the old log entries and try to regain those i lost due to the hdd breakdown

the second task needs to wait, i guess ;)

meanwhile, .GNU has started teething. i wonder how much ms paid for ;) most of you probably agree that regarding development costs, oss will always win those battles (note the pun, heh ;)

[update 20030828@02:30am: ingo has just sent me a recent version of his exec shield patch (exec-shield-2.4.21-cambridge-D2) which according to him should apply to most 2.4.22 kernels. of course i've instantly tried it with a 2.4.22 vanilla kernel - unfortunately there are 11 rejects. hearing he will do a 2.4.22 port soon is excellent news however.. many thanks to ingo for his efforts and this kind and obliging response!]

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